Auditions: The Music Man

The Music Man, a six-time Tony Award-winning musical comedy, is a Broadway classic that has charmed and captivated generations of audiences since it opened in 1957. A masterpiece valentine to small towns everywhere, the score features barbershop quartets, marches and ballads, and is a story of community, hope, love and redemption.

Performance dates: Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons, May 18 through June 10, 2018.

Auditions Saturday, Feb. 3, from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. at     The Philipstown Depot Theatre, in Garrison.

Auditions are open to all, ages 10 and up. Please prepare a song that you feel shows you off to your best advantage. It does not have to be from The Music Man. The show accompanist/band director will be available to accompany singers, so bring sheet music for him if you have it.

You may be asked to read dialogue from the show. Sides will be provided in the waiting room for you to look over beforehand if you are auditioning for a particular role.

Be prepared to list any rehearsal or performance conflicts. 

Rehearsals will generally be held Tuesday and Thursday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and every night during tech and dress rehearsal week.

Please contact director Linda Speziale at for an audition appointment time. Let her know in your email the one-hour time frame you would prefer.

Resumes are welcome, but not required.

Any callbacks will be held Saturday morning, Feb 10.



Marian Paroo:  Soprano, Low G-High A. The town librarian and piano teacher, who is a lonely and rather prim young woman with a (privately) romantic heart. Some dancing.

Mrs. Paroo: Mezzo Soprano, Low Ab-Eb. Character actress, Marian and Winthrop’s mother. Irish accent a plus. Some dancing.

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Alto, D-D. Character actress, Mayor’s wife who takes herself, and her role in every Ladies’ Auxiliary organization in town, very seriously.

Amaryllis: Alto, C-E. Marian’s piano student, about 9-10 years old. Piano-playing is not required.

Zaneeta Shinn: Featured dancing role. Sings in ensemble. Mayor and Eulalie Shinn’s oldest daughter and town “bad boy” Tommy’s girlfriend. Strong dancing skills required.

Gracie Shinn: Sings in ensemble. Mayor’s younger daughter. Dancing.

Ethel Toffelmier: Pick-a-little and Grecian Urn lady, friend of Eulalie’s, and Marcellus’ girlfriend.

Alma Hix: Pick-a-little and Grecian Urn lady, friend of Eulalie’s, and wife of Oliver.

Maud Dunlop: Pick-a-little and Grecian Urn lady, friend of Eulalie’s, and wife of Ewart.

Mrs. Squires: Pick-a-little and Grecian Urn lady, friend of Eulalie’s, and wife of Jacey.

River City Girls and Teens, part of the ensemble, and “band”: Ages 10 through teens.

River City Townspeople: Ensemble. Singing, with various levels of dance skills.


Harold Hill: Baritone, Ab-High F. Charming, energetic con-man who finds redemption and changes through Marian’s forgiveness, compassion, and love. Must be excellent at “patter." Some dancing.

Marcellus Washburn: Tenor, G-High A. Character actor, and dance required for “Shipoopi”.  Former sales con-man, friend of Harold Hill’s, and boyfriend of Ethel Toffelmier.

Mayor George Shinn: Ensemble vocal, Character actor. The loveable and confused Mayor of River City, who takes his role of Mayor very seriously, tries to “pontificate” and be in charge at every opportunity.

Winthrop Paroo: Tenor/ Boy Soprano/ Treble C-Eb. Marian’s little brother, about 9-10 years old, with a lisp, who transforms from sad and withdrawn to exuberant and talkative through the kindness of Harold, and the Dream of the band.

Barbershop Quartet (Members of the School Board). All must have excellent pitch and the ability to hold their own in an a cappella quartet.

Olin Britt: Bass

Oliver Hix: Baritone

Ewart Dunlop: 2nd Tenor

Jacey Squires: High Tenor

Charlie Cowell: Character actor, rhythmical accuracy and percussive energy required for “Rock Island,” will be in ensemble as a Townsperson. Charlie is an angry anvil salesman, who tries to ruin Harold.

Tommy Djilas: Dancing role. The “bad boy” and Zaneeta Shinn’s boyfriend, Tommy is transformed by a sense of purpose and being entrusted by Harold with responsiblity. Strong dancing skills required.

Constable Locke: The town’s stern policeman, has a few lines and sings in the ensemble.

Traveling Salesmen: Rhythmical accuracy and percussive energy required for “Rock Island,” will also sing in ensemble as Townspeople.

Train Conductor: Has a few lines in the opening scene, then becomes a Townsperson.

River City Boys/ Teens, part of the ensemble and “band”: Ages 10 through teens.

River City Townspeople: Ensemble. Singing, with various levels of dance skills.