Call it a happy accident of 19th-century design, but the Depot has terrific acoustics. Voices carry and fill the room without ever crowding it (though the whoosh of a passing train occasionally joins the chorus). Maybe that’s how we attract national touring artists as well as talented local performers.


ess See

Pop musician Ess See (aka Sarah Cobb) appears at the Depot Sept. 30 at 4 p.m. with special guest Charlie Rauh and Eloise Pearsall. 

Like many working musicians, Ess See lives in Brooklyn. Unlike many Brooklyn residents, she was born in Arkansas. She's got a sound and look all her own. Visit her site for a glimpse. Her debut EP, Ordinary Woman, was released earlier this year.

Special guest Charlie Rauh, a New York City-based guitarist and composer, has toured throughout Europe and the United States and just released his first full-length album, Viriditas, which he recorded in a single 45-minute session in a 14th-century barn in southern France. For more about Charlie, click here.

Depot Folk

Our new workshop-and-performace series, Depot Folk, was a wild success, with Italian guitarist Beppe Gambetta and The Mammals feat. Mike + Ruthy filling the house on March 25 and April 8. The shows were so good—and so well attended—we're already talking about the next installment. Once we have information to share, will post it here.

Meantime, feast your eyes (and ears) on this video of Beppe  playing on the Grey Fox main stage with David Grisman; and on this video of Mike + Ruthy performing a lights-out gorgeous tune. Enjoy.