A curated series of exceptional documentaries, Depot Docs brings groundbreaking films, and the people who make them, to the Hudson Valley. With filmmakers in attendance to field your questions, each screening is like a personal film festival.


Recent Screenings:

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divide and conquer: The true story of Roger ailes

April 12, 7:30 p.m.

Divide and Conquer is an origin story—a story of our current moment in American life—told through the triumph and tragedy of Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News. Click here for a trailer.

Roger Ailes was instrumental in shaping Republican politics for decades, steering the conservative movement from Nixon, to the Tea Party, to Trump. His most long-lasting accomplishment? Turning television into a coliseum of rage, and news into entertainment. Through the fiery invective of his shows, Ailes created an empire, and divided a nation. 

And, like a true Shakespearean figure, uncontrollable desire was Ailes' undoing. He was ousted from Fox News when victims of his sexual harassment stepped forward. The accounts of these women—raw and infuriating—are the emotional heart of the film, the axis around which Ailes' story reluctantly turns. In this film they are the avenging angels, but Roger's legacy with Fox News lives on.

Special guest: Director Alexis Bloom

Following the Q&A, please join us for a reception at Dolly’s Restaurant, just a few paces downriver from the Depot. Great food, great drinks, great conversation.