Our mission

The Philipstown Depot Theatre is a unique community-based performing arts center that connects families and individuals in the Hudson River Valley with the best in high-caliber affordable theater, music and films. The theater entertains, educates and informs audiences with its programs and productions administered in partnership with the Town of Philipstown Recreation Department.

For the Depot's financial records, click here. Minutes of recent board meetings are available below.


Stephen Ives

Jack Goldstein
Vice President

Byron Stinson

Katherine Plummer

Sheila P. Rauch
Chairwoman, Programming

Christopher Nowak
Chairman, Operations

Gretchen Dykstra, Claudio Marzollo, Jerry Singer, Terry Turner


Amy Dul
Executive Director

Nancy Swann
Artistic Director

Julie Heckert
House Manager

Karen Kapoor
Youth Coordinator

Ned P. Rauch
Marketing Associate

Mona Z. Smith
Development Associate




Photography credits: Ross Corsair; Gregory Punch; Liz and Ned Rauch; historical images courtesy of Antipodean Books and Putnam County Historian Sarah Johnson.