Chip Taylor screen.png

You make my heart sing

You know ‘Wild Thing’? It moved you, right? Well brace yourself; we’re going to sock it to you one time: Chip Taylor, the guy who wrote that essential song, will be performing at the Depot Feb. 1. This is a big deal. And not just because he wrote that song. Taylor is a master songwriter with a deep catalog of tunes. And he has the kind of voice that simply compels you to lean in and listen close. He’s great, and he’s going to be playing here, for us. He’s been kind enough to agree to an onstage interview, so it should be a special night. Tickets are available here.

Charlie plummer and the Depot get a little ink

Our pal Charlie Plummer, whose family is deeply tied to the Depot, met with reporters from The Journal News to discuss his early acting days on the Depot stage and his most recent successes (among them, his appearance in Ridley Scott's "All the Money in the World"). The result is this terrific piece. Congrats, Charlie, and thanks to the Journal News for the coverage. And if you haven't seen "All the Money in the World," here's a trailer.