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And the winners are…

Here are the winners at the 13th Annual Aery Theatre Company 20/20 One-Act Festival, which ended tonight.

Best Director - Jason Beckmann, for his madcap and imaginative direction of Ellie Martino's Breaking and Entering .

Many doubted he could pull off such a cinematic piece on stage - not only pulling it off, but nailing it! This is Jason's 2nd consecutive win in this category.

Best Actress - Maria Opedisano, for her emotionally stunning performance as Edith in Evelyn Mertens' extremely poignant Plattsburgh . Scanning the audience, there wasn't a dry eye when Edith gutted out her last leg-lift.

Best Actor - Henry Fulton Winship, for his hilarious portrayal of Mike, a morgue worker with a unique mission, in

Stephen Hersh's wildly hilarious and irreverent Vintage. Even the ever-serious Artist Formerly Known as Prince would have surely laughed at Mike's noble, yet misguided enthusiasm to perpetuate his art.

Best Play - Ellie Martino, for her incredibly entertaining and creative comedy Breaking and Entering . Her comic dialogue and witty repartee are without rival. Ellie and director Jason seem to have the knack of hitting audience's laugh buttons. This, also, is Ellie's 2nd consecutive win in this category.

Also, kudos to all the finalists -

Plattsburgh (Evelyn Merten ~ dir. Elaine Hartel)

Viable (Stephen Hersh ~ dir. Nate Flower)

Youth For Dark (Keith Whalen)

A great festival overall.

thank you!

Our Spring Benefit was a wild (and wet) success. Many thanks to all of you who joined us on the patio and on the stage to celebrate our outstanding youth programs and to honor and recognize the work of Dr. Peter Gergely—pediatrician to the stars, friend of the arts, pillar of the community and fan of the bow tie. Despite the rain, you shone bright. Thank you.