Spring Benefit 2018.jpg


Our annual Spring Benefit was a terrific success. Countless thanks are due to the many friends and fans who attended our soiree by the river and made it a joyous celebration of the Depot and its mission. We rely on your support to bring ambitious, fun and accessible art to this community, and you gave it. Thank you.

Charlie plummer and the Depot get a little ink

Our pal Charlie Plummer, whose family is deeply tied to the Depot, met with reporters from The Journal News to discuss his early acting days on the Depot stage and his most recent successes (among them, his appearance in Ridley Scott's "All the Money in the World"). The result is this terrific piece. Congrats, Charlie, and thanks to the Journal News for the coverage. And if you haven't seen "All the Money in the World," here's a trailer.


Dialogues with drama resumes

From our friends and collaborators at Excellent Creature, the latest installment of our ongoing play-reading-and-discussion series, Dialogues with Drama. This Saturday, we’ve got The Arsonists, by Max Frisch, translated by Mordecai Gorelik and directed by Maia Guest. This series has managed to be both provocative and popular, as it provides a chance for members of the cast and audience to talk about what they’ve just seen, heard and felt. Reservations can be made here.